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Proficient advertising within the online community

Affordable marketing within your reach. For any size company of even just as a freelancer. KL Marketing fits within your budget.

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Search Engine Marketing Specialist

KL Marketing Solutions is a cost effective company mainly helping small companies and individuals with their marketing strategy in the form of digital advertising, business profiles, and websites, domain purchase and hosting.

Online advertising helps you advertise directly to your market when they are looking for you. KL Solutions can track movement on your website so that you can see what customers do when they open a page, how they are directed to your website, how much time is spent on the site/page and how many people do anything of value to your business. For e-commerce stores you can even track ROI and change your campaign budget accordingly.

If you have a content rich website you can even use Google AdSense to make money from Google as they advertise similar adverts to your content ( you can choose to not show competitor adverts) and when someone already viewing your website clicks on the advert Google pays you.

Digital advertising comes with two bills. One for the campaign itself ,usually provided by Google or Facebook etc. and the other for your campaign manager. This is because the campaign itself is never your whole budget. It fluctuates depending on the bidding process for the keywords used. Your budget is the maximum that your campaign will cost.